doing music (especially singing) as long as I am here on earth. I loved to sing in choirs, learned piano, violin and flute. When I was 16 I began to write German texts and produced the first songs with a few people.

I was blessed to make a lot experiences during the coming years with studios, tv, radio, bands and gigs and different music styles.

I came across Reggae about 2008 and love the way that various artists use the same riddim to create completely different songs. Until 2014 it was a very important time for my musical development. My German Reggae Songs you can find under "Simply Cat" here (click!).

From there onwards my music flow lead to inner parts of creation and is now returning to bring out new creations...

In 2012 I learned how to use the language of my heart and soul and everything changed - I connected on a deeper level with my higher source of creativity and started "flowing" singing purposely. This had a great impact on my musicdevelopment and it transformed more and more over the years.

Some melodies return, others are like a wave of time... What I really like about singing this way is that it´s always different, spontanous and tailormade for each situation. It also carries the frequency of the soul with a positive message which can be understood by everyone - but you have to listen with your heart.

Because there´s nothing for the mind to cling to you can let yourself dive into the sounds, listen with your heart and create a new world of images and feelings within yourself...

This way of producing music is one of my favorits because it is so pure. But I do not exclude the"common" text from my creations.

The new EP "be." is a combination of the former years and is about reuniting from the smallest to the biggest. It is about the little things that bring value to life and are important for the bigger picture for us as humanity. It is a calling to be yourself and shine your light in respect and honor for creation.


I am excited about all the melodies and songs to come...

Music is the language of the soul trying to express the bliss of creativity flow and connection with the world. Coming from this source of greatest creativity and possibilities it can connect everyone and everything to awaken to a higher purpose.


Check out my newest EP "be."

You can easily purchase the albums via iTunes or Google Play.

Katrin Skusa